Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Search of the Dalahäst - Dala Horse
We were up for a little touring around Dalarna today before the big Midsommar hurrah starts, so we decided to go in search of the Dalahäst which is made in the nearby village of Nusnäs. These chunky carved orange toy horses with white and blue bridles have become the symbol of Sweden through out the world. The humble Dala horse started as a way to use up wood scraps left over from furniture. I know my little baby loves to whiny and gallop a little toy horse along, and back when toys were more sparse, I am sure Swedish children treasured their Dalahäst. So we thought we would get the baby her own little horse with her name and birth year, to match the one her American grandparents bought for SwedeGirl on their Swedish trip the year she was born. So off in search of the not very elusive Dalahäst we went!

Through the pretty hills and lakes of Dalarna

To Mora for Lunch
Micheal and the Dragon, symbol of the triumph of light over darkness, appropriate symbolism for a sunny day near Midsommar
A sighting!!
Many Dala Horses, Plain
And Fancy
But who makes these little horses? The tomten?
We would have to go a little further than Mora to find out....
So many horses!
Prepping them for paint
Drying room
So many horses!
We found our perfect little horse for the baby, and they girls had fun.


swedishouse said...


How lovely. I plan on going to Mora in the next couple of weeks to do the same thing. It looks great. Mora is not too far from me. Are you going to visit your relatives that live almost down the road to me? Oh wouldn't it be nice if we could meet?
Have a great Midsommer
Kram Julie x

Liquid Pen said...

I love all of the new traditions and rich culture!

Rose said...

Those are fantastic! I love those horses! One would look really fabulous in my kitchen. I'm just sayin'. (Wink, wink.)

lornadoone1972 said...

Just fascinating and the girls are too scrummy!

SwedeLife said...

Julie, we are here till next week, going to Furudal Bruk Friday, maybe we will see you there and can make a plan!