Saturday, May 8, 2010

Neighborhood Walk
This pretty forest walking path is just a few streets away in the neighborhood, an easy hike with SwedeBaby on my back in the carrier. We just discovered the path connects all the way around to make a loop.
The Descent to Green

Canopy Green
Pooh sticks, anyone?
Vitsippia face the sunshine
Lovely little faces of white and yellow
Stepping Stones
Magical Grandma tree, how old are you?


Kangaroo said...

That tree is magical, to be sure. I'd like to sit in a circle beneath it, under the moonlight...or the lack of moonlight ;)

Michelle Harmon said...

the scenery where you are is just so beautiful and has such a magical quality to it. i love getting to see it through your family's eyes, too. :)

Anonymous said...

this place is beautiful. may i know what's the name of this nature park? i'm living in the vicinity of lund too and would like bring my child there. thanks.

Alyss said...

Every time I see kids racing sticks under a bridge I ask them what they call that game. They always answer Pooh Sticks :) Maybe I should ask someones grandmother if they played the game and what they called it...

Liquid Pen said...

posted at 1:11 !