Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The SwedeBaby Update
Age: 7 months 18 days
Weight: 18 1/2 lbs
Can say: Baba's/ Amma (mother's milk), Mama, Papa
Teeth: Two bottom, two top with one more prominent than the other
Enjoys: Her sister, mama, and papa, , tasting things,- ie putting every thing she finds on the floor righ into her mouth, her toy 'bugaboo' when driving in the car, watching the laundry spin cycle, and pulling books off shelves.
Latest talents: Crawling, pulling up to stand, pushing the laundry basket around, saying 'Ba-bas' when she wants to nurse, leaning over the changing table to reach for the toilet and flushing it on her own. Avoiding diaper changes by standing up. Using the potty with "elimination communication' whenever she gets the chance, doing most of her poo's on the potty .

Show your Nanny&Pa your new toofers:

Strong Girl:

Trouble: Watching the Wheels Go Round and Round....

Perfect Combination: A 4 year old that likes to do shows, and a 7 month old that will laugh at silly tricks

Crawling, and the sound of her fuss voice

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Liquid Pen said...

Oh...sweetness...I can't wait to meet her.