Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swedish Summer is Made of:
Colors, Smiles, and
Oh! The Places we Go

The idea that all the summer places close in a week when school starts again has us making the most of summer while it is still here. Swede girl does not start preschool/dagis until September, so in reality our summer is still going to last another month. But many Swedish parks, especially the pools and water attractions, will close August 15th. So we have been getting what we can out of the summer sun, having fun. This leaves little time to wax poetic on the blog, so you get photos instead. I'll write when the days are shorter, after the Swedegirl is not home all day, and the weather is not so wonderful. When we arrived last year, we suspected we could make a regular destination out of Malmö Folkets Park. This winter it was the site of SwedeGirl's circus school, her first go at ice skating, and now this summer her first bumper car driving and first little roller coaster ride. We went this weekend for a clown festival. There is still a big Malmö Festival next week, if you live in Sweden and want to check it out.

Guardian of the Ferris wheel. Nice blouse, dude.

The clown festival had circus music, face painting, balloons, circus tricks to try and see, and a very cool craft where you could make your own 'pin ball machine' with a wood board, nails, rubberbands, clothes pins, bottle tops, corks, bells, and marbles.
These political stickers paste the walls of a bathroom near the park

Over the weekend we returned to Skåne Djurpark, since I heard there was a waterslide open in the summer. A WATERSLIDE!! This was new to Swedegirl, who got off and yelled 'AGAIN!' each time she surfaced and caught her breath. She would bound out of the pool, and run full speed up the hill to go again. That's my girl. Waterslides are my favorite. I had my 30th birthday party (18 weeks pregnant with Swedegirl) at the the same place I had my 8th birthday party- at Adventure Island, a waterpark in Florida. We all had a good time on the slides...just two, but plenty big enough for us.

The diggers are a hit as well, for big and small.

It was cool to be watersliding and whatnot with this thatch roof project underway in view. Sweden.

When we got the the animal park, Swedegirl proclaimed she intended to "Clap the Moose!" which is Swenglish for pet the moose. There was great petting zoo. My favorite thing there was this once thought extinct native Swedish chicken, since we hope to get chickens soon. It lays 150 eggs a year, and lays all year. I wanna get me a Gallus Gallus. Can you imagine the Swedish Chef routine I could do??? Cute kids.

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