Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Laughing Baby
Something about seeing her sister, the quick flapping of the fan, and a cool blast of air on a muggy day made SwedeBaby totally crack up laughing...

There have not been too many baby shot lately, so here she is.

Her favorite hang out is in this moses basket on wheels- table height, easily pushed around the first floor of the house.

She is 5 months old. Her talents include rolling both ways front to back (careful where you put her, she travels to the otherside of the room!), scooting, waving, saying "mama", and she can find her feet on request. she is working on getting two teeth. And of course, her circus tricks with her dad of balancing on the hand. And she loves splashing in the pool, and can go underwater with me.

The girls get along so well, and the big sister has her own share of songs and bouncy games to keep the baby entertained. It is great having a 4 year old around, as she can entertain the baby while I take a shower, and keep her occupied while I cook. The child spacing here was great, so far so good. Baby sleeps well, no problems with that. She sleeps in our king sized bed, or in the carrier when we are out. She is not doing as much elimination communication (when babies use the potty) as her sister did, but she only poops every 5 days so it matters less. And she is still just on mama milk for now, so food is no problem either! Anyway, she is a lovely person and I am so glad to get to be her mom!


Karen said...

what a BEAUTIFUL and happy looking baby!

Mama Bird said...

Oh she is a doll! It makes me so happy to hear about your littlest one. And also sad I don't know her. Give both gals a hug for me... missing you all.