Thursday, July 9, 2009

May I?
Trying to captures the best smiles, back in MayI had some camera trouble in May, and was not able to upload pictures. So I am playing catch up on the blog here, and wanted to add a few May pictures since May is when the yard came alive so completely. Now each bloom is already bringing a bit of unease, as I know we are past midsummer and half way through our good, sunny warm weather now. It's July and the yard is full of roses and the currants are about ready to be picked. And tonight I had to wear a fleece jacket on my walk. So looking at these pictures now, I can remember the special feeling of May- all promise, no regret.

The sunshine yellow of the canola fields (where SwedeGirl mistakenly thinks they are growing 'granola') against the blue sky. The colors of the Swedish flag, no wonder!
The smell of lilac The taste of Rhubarb.
The magical hide and seek of the lily of the valley patch.
Apple Blossom Fairies bringing the hope of ApplesThe Surprising Boldness of the PeoneAnd the Beginnings of the Garden

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Liquid Pen said... goo smiles..can just hear the coo that comes with it. Beautiful, magical nature blooming and a new garden in the works! Sweet smiles of the big sister, so proud and big girl!