Friday, June 12, 2009

We live in the Pippi
Capitol of the World
Pippi is the quintessential Swedish icon. And no complaints here- she's free, fun, and funky. A feminist Swedish precursor to Punky Brewster! The Pippi stories by Astrid Lindgren are one of Sweden's great contributions to the world. But here, only in Sweden, would there be a glut of Pippi wigs at the thrift store. This is not even all of the ones they had for sale:

It's wrong, so wrong. I know....but I just had to!


IlsaSheWolf said...

It is not wrong, it is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

oh my I had missed this entry. My day is soo sooo sooooooo much better for having seen baby in pippi wig. In fact, I think maybe my whole life is better.

(this is Erica, not anonymous)

Mama Bird said...

I am laughing so hard, the tears are rolling. I really needed that! Your Pippis are just too cute!

Toolie said...

Adorable and hilarious!!! I LOVE pippi...her red striped socks are a particular favorite.