Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Swedish Beach We got a phone call from the mama over at Liquid Visionary as she was headed to the beach in Florida to meet up with our friends. It made us miss home, and pine for a coastal view. So we headed out to the coast to check things out at our Swedish beach last Friday Night. We got a sunset sky, if no view of the setting sun, and the expansive feeling being near the sea brings. This will be a good day time spot this summer... A forested playground, a beach, and a restaurant.

The water is a bit brrrrr, but that's Sweden for you. Even this sign says "Grunt!" at the thought of diving in!
The best evening activity, pebble throwing! SwedeDaddy can really skip a rock! I got these photos of the baby, not in her most cute expression, she is looking more like- hey, what is that thing ?? It's a camera! Get used to it!!!

And yes, it's late May when we took these pictures, and we are at the beach in fleece! Not for long, it was 82 farhenheit one day this week! Thats 28 Celsius, and a day later it was 14, and then ten yesterday. I see why people go crazy for nice weather here!

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Liquid Pen said...

yea for being able to get a big expansive sky by the sea! You look great by the way SwedeMama