Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Project One: The New Swing Set
The weather is just great now, and so we are all looking for ways to spend more time outside.

So, this addition to the yard is big news in SwedeGirl's world. She had taken to telling everyone there was were "No KID's TOYs" in her yard, and so when we saw this swingset at a close out hardware store, it became the weekend project. The yard is fenced, so we are living the dream of sending the kid into the yard by herself to go play and not worrying where she will wander off.
She is often lucky enough to be joined by her cousin who lives three houses up, or her new little girl play buddy who lives right across the street and is her new favorite biking companion.

Hooray for Swedish Springtime!


lornadoone1972 said...

My goodness - Swedegirl is 25' tall! Crazy... glad you are back up posting... any news on your sister's baby - is it July? x

Andy said...

Wonderful! She looks blissful and the yard looks awesome - gardens, swings, green-ness! Enjoy!!