Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gratuitous Baby Shots!
I have some good ones from yesterday evening's trip to the beach I promise to upload, but for now, I'll post these and hope to satisfy my poor mom who does not get to see the baby since we moved so far, far away! I promise to get more up soon! This pretty much sums up her life at 12 weeks though- sleep, nurse, lay around and bat at things, be held, and sleep some more.... I do wish I could get a decent video of her baby babble/ cooing. It's too cute. At least to me, her mom. And probably would be to her grandma, too.

I think her hairy ears are troll like and darling..


gana said...

LOVE IT!!! so cute! hope i get to meet her soon. take care.

JessiTRON said...

heidi you are awesome!

Karen said...

beautiful baby!!!
of course she'll hate you later for posting her hairy ears on the internets for all to see!!

lornadoone1972 said...

oh heidi - i recognize those eyes and eyebrows... she is just delicious! x

Andy said...

I LOVE the pic of all you girls on the bench/swing! How awesome! I can just about hear that baby snoring from here..and that is saying something! She looks like a nice sleeper. Lots of love to you all!