Sunday, April 5, 2009

One month.

My baby is almost a month old! She has gained about two pounds, and can hold her head up well, and gives lovely milky smiles.

I have been busy relaxing to recover. I had a bad back injury after birth last time, so I am trying to be very careful and actually take it easy. I have ingrained in me the 40 days of rest and recuperation that midwife Robin Lim encourages in her book 'After the Baby's Birth' that keeps with the traditions of many cultures around the world in that it is desirable to protect and guard the energy of the mother and baby in their newly born, wide open state. So we have made one trip to the grocery store, and a trip into town and to visit relatives for dinner yesterday. We are primarily in a state of cocooning over here. I am doing alot more this week, but still sticking close to home.

And my mom is visiting now from the USA.

But I am also having a blog identity crisis. Is this a blog to keep my family updated? A birth topic blog, since I am a midwife? An expat blog? A mom blog? All of the above. But the diversity of my ruminations make it kind of none of the above. I am thinking of splitting my writing, family stuff one place, Sweden stuff elsewhere, birth things elsewhere? But who is made of these really clear distinctions?

I kind of fantasize about just a straight Sweden-only blog, almost like it would just be more impersonal travel writing. But I also like to share the world through the eyes of our family, and our particular view of things- the friends, relationships, and passions particular to us. We will see how I feel when I get to writing more again.

Maybe it's just a reflection of my postpartum lack of identity- I planned to come to Sweden and have a baby. Now I have a baby. So, my thinking is moving towards what next, even if I am not ready to make a move just yet.


bellyboojmama said...

2 cents: I enjoy reading your birth and midwife experiences and knowledge.

JessiTRON said...

This is what tags are for. They categorize your posts in case people want only one topic.

Mama Bird said...

You are the sum of these parts mama...don't change a thing. Get through your 40 days and nights (lol) and the world will look different. Much love.

Heather T said...

I found your blog just a little bit ago and I like reading it regardless of whether you're just like me or not. Yeah, I relate to the pregnancy stuff, and I was curious to hear about your experience with pregnancy and childbirth since you were a midwife yourself. But the rest of things in your life are good and interesting to read about too! I like one integrated blog that paints a full picture of a person.

I hope you're feeling better each day and that the arrival of spring is helping that healing! And that new SwedeBaby is the plumpest and cutest thing I've seen in a long time. You can post all the pictures you want of her!

Heidi said...

Agree that it's ALL those things that make your blog interesting. I don't and won't have kids, so the pregnancy/midwifery stuff isn't really that relevant to ME personally, but I love hearing about Sweden, your family, and just your thoughts on life in general. So keep writing about wherever life takes you...we'll just follow along, wherever that road goes! :)