Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Baby Land

So that's where we are, floating in new baby land.... I feel a bit run down, and am sleeping lots, but feel TONs better than I did after my c-section birth, which is making me oh so grateful for the great home birth we had. Maybe I'll get a post in sometime about the birth, about labor. Wow. It was hard, but great, too. If it's gonna be hard, I say let it be at home and in a big warm tub of water, though, for sure! If I am going to be uncomfy, let it be in the best of possible circumstances- as it was.

I have not had the energy for all keeping all my favorite postpartum aids coming until today. I made a new batch of postpartum tea, my special favorite healing soup, and need to refresh some other healing aids. It would be lovely to have had a helper around who could magically do all that for me, who knew just what to do already. But life is pretty good having support of Swededaddy so I can rest and focus on baby.

I am sleeping lots, but the SwedeDaddy is doing dishes, getting food ready, entertaining the 4 year old, who is adjusting and a bit demanding. So he is pooped. He is asleep now, and I think it's his first real recovery sleep!

So life in new baby land....The baby sleeps, makes a little grunt, and nurses, and grunts again later indicating a need for a diaper change, but other than that, life is easy. She is sleeping, nursing, and has eyes open a few hours a day to stare lovingly at the closest available family member.

In terms of is first baby harder or easier? First was way harder, this seems *almost* easy now. It was such an adjustment then, and I was in so much more pain and it was all just more trying, more drama. However, what we have gained in benefit from experience, and in terms of less pain from a better/ recovery period, is made up for by having an energetic other kid around. She is overall doing very well. She likes to play baby and do what the baby is doing (fake crying is a very annoying sound, by the way), and is just recently 4. Which means she is like a big puppy now anyway, romping and playing and needing to learn how to be gentle and move slowly near the baby. Her pace is a step up from sleepy new baby land, for sure!

She has a name now, but since I don't use them on the blog, you'll just have to email me to find out!!!

SwedeBaby FeetSwedeNakeyBabySwedeSistersSwedeSisters Cuddletime

Proud Sister
Recovering MommaSwedeBaby! Welcome SwedeBaby, The Zero Birthday Party. Me and My Girls!Pooped Papa

Sleepy Swedie Pie


Karen said...

love the pictures. thanks for sharing!
It'll get easier with the 4yo. It's a big adjustment- and baby is so NEW!
My kids are a little closer together, but once baby could sit and play life got a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that pic with you and your girls! I know you are tired and word out, but girl, you wear it well. You look beautiful! Isn't the energy of a four year old out of this world??!!

S-H-Y said...

oh she so cute, congrats!

Andy said...

Beautiful pictures, H! I love your neat little home, and the gorgeous flowers, not to mention those wonderful beautiful girls!! Yourself included, of course! We have a lot of those tired papa shots too. ;-)