Monday, March 2, 2009

When we still had snow...

Our snow has long since melted and we now have the type of weather one fears when moving to a winter climate- gray and stark. But I realized I never put up these photos of the Swedish countryside covered in snow, so I am posting retroactively.

Here are just farmland pictures from our drive one Sunday to a store. A reminder of how pretty things are in just a common, everyday way. On of the things we love is that while many things are the same distance from us as they were in Florida, here in the same travel time we go over hills, through farmland, and past old churches and little villages, seeing a variety of place and a sense of change with each turn. Very different than driving 30 minutes in Florida on a big busy road that is a monotonous drive past McDonald''s, Walmart, gas stations, and strip mall after strip mall.

The remains of the last harvest poking through the snow
Snowy Hills and little Swedish red farmhouses

The Windmill on the Hill near SwedeGirl's school