Monday, February 23, 2009

New Playful Things to Try in the Winter Wonderland: Sledding, Ice Skating, and Snow Man Building!

When we got back to Sweden and had a nice heavy snow, we headed right out to sled. You never know how long the snow will last around here, and we did not want to miss it! We went to the hill we identified in September as a good sledding hill, and it was indeed a good spot.

Neighborhood Sledding

My daughter has also been very anxious to try Ice Skating. I am not sure where she really learned about it, but when ever she sees a frozen lake she begs to go ice skating. When we would explain we have no skates, she would make a very thoughtful plan about how to acquire some. So this week, we were able to find some skates for her and took her to Malmo Folkets Park Ice Skating rink to give them a try.

Folkets Park in the Winter: The rides maybe closed, but it is a haven for Ice Skating and Sledding!

Here she is first getting on the ice, awkward like a newborn long legged mammal:

In just an hour, she improved greatly, motivated by the 5 1/2 year old that was skating in circles around her. She was pining to move so freely and gracefully, so she got better really quick in hopes of keeping up with the new friend!

She also got to do a bit of sledding in the park, and made a little friend named Igor who welcomed her aboard his double sled. The hill was alive with lots of kids and parents having snowy fun.

When the snow first fell, we thought it would be fun to try making a snow man. I am SOOooo from Florida. Little did I realize powdery fresh snow makes for a poor snowman. I could not get it to stick into snow balls, but I thought it was my lack of skill and the half-hearted awkward pregnant stoop I was doing to get at the snow.... No, now the snow is getting slushy. it is great snow man material. SwedeGirl made a great snow man over the weekend with her dad. Ever time he gets a bit warmer, he looks like he is in need of a chiropractor, leaning oh a bit more here or there....

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