Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'll be back someday.

Where to start when I left off the story for 4 whole weeks?

I spent one week prepping to travel, two traveling, one recovering from jet lag.

Now I am feeling good.

I will be back! Gotta upload those photos first, you know.

I have some stories to tell.


Mama Bird said...

Looking forward to getting back in Your loop... You'll probably be all ready to write again right as that baby arrives. :-)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the tips...all the inversions are tiring I must say. i'm not sure she'll flip around...even after 2 weeks of pulstaillla, moxa swimming, chiro and inversions, she's stubbornly stayed head up.

i guess she has her reasons for wanting to be that way, so i'm keeping faith that she's smart and knows what she's doing in there.

i'm hoping for a smooth, quick labor and despite the breech positioning, I'm choosing to stay at home as long as labor is progressing well and the heart rate stays strong.

best wishes with your labor as well!! just a couple more weeks and we'll both be nursing mama's again!