Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Snowy Fun

SwedeGirl was still home from school at the end of the week, and I am glad, because we got two days to play together in the snow. There was a sled-able thin layer Wednesday, expected to melt by Thursday. Thankfully, we woke to more snow Thursday, and a steady stream of snow flakes fell as we played outside.

We've learned snow is very fleeting in these parts, so even though I was still feeling a bit sick this week, we made sure we got out in the day light for some sledding. Sadly, there was just a trace of ice when we woke Friday. The winter is so pretty and so much more novel with snow. And I am sure we are loving the snow partly because it is here so briefly.

The House in the snow

Our Street in the Snow

Sledding in the nearby Woods

I think it just looks more dreary out with out all the white sparkle and reflective light of snow. Snow is truly mother natures glitter. But of course, I just make snow balls and snow cones, and rarely have to drive in it, so I have a slanted, rosy view of the stuff. Especially being a Floridian.
The local stream, still flowing but icy
And for our uncrafy craft? Of course we just copied Mother Nature and made snow flakes, too.


paddyk said...

Sorry, I missed to include you in the blog carnival. Please submit your link next week and I guarantee you will be included! Keep an eye on my blog for submission details.

Andy said...

Hey gal, ITA that snow makes things in winter so much cheerier! It's like the REASON there are no leaves, flowers, etc. Totally makes sense. And when it gets that hard crunchy top layer, it absolutely glistens! AWESOME! Glad you got to enjoy it! Or I did and you got to enjoy watching her enjoy the snow! LOL! xxooxo

ladyfi said...

Snow is magical! Sigh... and quite rare down where you are.

I live just north of Stockholm and we have thick thick ice on our lake, so it's perfect for skating!

Mrs. Greenbranch said...

Hmmm? Here's no snow and I can't be too far from where you are. It looks wonderful.

Word verification says "coldout". Funny. It really is cold out here.

Take care, n