Monday, January 19, 2009

Guess where I am going?

When I was working as a midwife, we always did a 36 week home visit. I am 33 weeks, and my Swedish midwives came this weekend for a home visit. I 'll post about it later. Anyway, thanks to a really good deal on plane tickets, I will be doing another kind of 36 week home visit... I will be 34-36 weeks at the time, traveling with just Swedegirl, and going back home for two weeks.

OK, the video may be *a bit* more sentimental than I actually feel, *just a smidge* over the top! But I am pregnant and feeling the need to touch home base. To do some baby shopping with my mom, see my friends, not to mention float in my parent's hot tub in the sunshine. Connect to my 'motherland' before I set out to mother another. If you love me and live there, I am going to be in Florida Sunday Jan 25th- Monday Feb 9th and I want to have a play date!

Intellectually, I think it's little lame to go back again so soon, to have traveled around the world to where everything is new and different, to find now I just want the comforts of home. I think maybe I am not being very brave. But hey, breeding will do that to you. It's called nesting. I am pregnant and am driven to do what it takes to feel at home. To see my mom. To bring back 4 suitcases full of cheap American baby gear.

And lest us not forget the ju ju. As Liz writes about over on 'A Natural Nester', I come from a very well developed mothering and homebirth community. We usually do sacred blessing ceremonies for expectant moms, for new babies, and reading her post "A Little bit of JuJu" just made me cry. Then the same day I saw a picture of someone with henna on her pregnant belly, and it just made me ache thinking about all the love I was going to miss out on by not being home. I worked for years as a midwife trying to cultivate this home birth community, and here I am on the otherside of the world, too far to participate in it. The thought of a 'web cam' blessing my husband would likely arrange is so sad- it would only make me feel how very far away I was. So I think I am going home- for the ju ju.

Sweden is great, but there's no place like home.


Mama Bird said...

YAHOO! I can't wait to see you... It's pregnancy that brought us mamas all together to begin with, so it seems only fitting it's what would bring you home for a visit. Can't wait to rub the belly and hug you & your girl! Count us in for a play date. XOXO.

SwedeLife said...

Well, its partly your fault, writing about your blessing way made me cry and want to come home!

Kangaroo said...

NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CHINESE NEW YEAR! One for the ages. I am so happy to send you into these final weeks of pregnancy with some real live JUICE. Can't wait!

lornadoone1972 said...

Hey lovely, I would love to see you and Iris, and seeing as I'll be 39/40 weeks then you may even meet the new Teeny Fleener - that would be SO cool, and if not then we can still get together with the gals - I will discuss with them - let us know a good day/evening for you... xo

tone almhjell said...

I totally understand. I long for my Mom's waffles, and she's just across the mountains. Also, don't forget, these are the hard months, after the comfort of Christmas, before the birds come back. Just hang in there, and allow yourself a break :)

Andy said...

ITA that these are the hardest months. Dark, broke, and ready to punch the winter ticket!

Lots of lovin to ya, mama!!! You will love the trip (though maybe not the travel, I HATED flying coach when preggo), the reconnect, and yk what? If you aren't so very brave, you are very insightful and wonderfully in touch with yourself. EVEN BETTER! xoxo