Saturday, January 3, 2009


You may find yourself in another part of the world...
with a beautiful house,
and a beautiful life,
and you may ask yourself,
Well, how DID I get here?

2008 was the year we got a teenage babysitter for Saturday nights. This may have just changed everything. It meant this was the year we finally had a second to actually have a grown up conversation over dinner, and remember, "Hey, it's already 2008!!! Isn't this the year we said we would try to move to Sweden?"

And from that one fateful date in early February, we entered a whirlwind that had us visiting in April and arriving in Sweden for good in July. With a new little soul growing within, who managed to sneak in along the way.....

What really just happened????

Enjoyed Circuses we got tickets to as Christmas gifts February:
Mega Beach Party Double Birthday Blow out March:
Strawberries in Florida
The Swedish Forest enticed us with the Green Dream
The Best of Florida
The Rest of the Best of Florida. Bye Friends! July:
Arriving to Jewel Red Currants in our Yard
Gotland: Medieval Town, here we are!
This must be Sweden!!!September:
Root Vegetables, or The Green Dream Lives
Finally, a couch
Snow Berries, and soon snow...
The Month of the Apron
Happy 2009

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