Thursday, December 11, 2008

We Had Serious Snow

I could not sleep Wednesday night, and very late I looked out the window and saw, much to my surprise, more snow! It was a full moon and I went out in the night and watched it come down, everything was glowing blue with the reflected moon light. In the morning, there was several inches on the ground!
Leaving for work and school meant shoveling a thick layer of snow off the car.

We are still new enough to snow, and it is rare enough in our region, that this is still a delight.
Even if you have to clean the car off to drive it.

There was a thick blanket of snow for the Lucia Day celebrations (post forthcoming!), which will have to hold us over. It soon melted away, and the forecast for Christmas Day is warm, so no White Christmas anticipated in these parts. But, oh how I wish... as this snow melted away all too fast.

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