Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Actually Still Fall The snow melted and we were able to get out and rake some of leaves in the front yard, while the yard is snow-free.
We delayed mowing the grass in the front in late summer, and now I think there will be no chance to do it until spring. It is damp here, and we have as much moss as grass in the yard, which makes it all the squishier. You really need four or five sunny dry days in a row before the yard is dry enough to mow, and it seems we missed our seasonal window. I mowed the back in late September in spite of the dampness, and it was awful- like shaving a wet cat. Never again. The grass will have to stay long in the front yard for this season, I think.
Fall also has it's limitations on yard work, it seems. We were going to rake a few weekends ago, but then it snowed! Somehow, the fact that things keeping cycling and changing surprises me. In Florida, if we slacked on mowing, there was always another weekend...and the leaves in our yard did not mind waiting as long as it took for us to rake and blow them.

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