Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What is this, California???

We had an earth quake this morning! At 6:20 AM or so...

I was sound asleep and felt a rumble, but I would have slept right through and not wondered much what it was, but my husband asked "What is that?? It shook the whole house!" He rose at the clatter, and jumped into a robe to see what was the matter....he went outside and saw neighbors who also came out to see what was going on, and confirmed they felt it too. I am glad he is cautious like that, if it was the chimney exploding or something, I would have barely cared, as I was still sleeping :)

Later, he found it was an earthquake- a 4.7- the epicenter was just a 20 minute drive from here.

I just put up Christmas decorations last night, and some fell and broke. I have letters that spell out "Peace", and the P and C fell from the shelf and broke...the earthquake distrupted our 'PEACE'.

Badly translated article from http://sydsvenskan.se/malmo/article399129/Jordskalv-skakade-stora-delar-av-Skane.html#kommentarer below:

Earthquakes shook large parts of Skåne
By Daniel Persson
First published: 16 Dec 2008 06:50

Twenty or more than six in the morning, shaken by an earthquake Scania with a magnitude of 4.7. IHT has received reports from across the Skåne and from Denmark and Småland. According to experts, are likely after the quake. Earthquake which felt across southern Sweden on Tuesday morning is the strongest in over 100 years. And now expect the experts to the quake.

But the people will come to harm is unlikely, "said Reynir Bödvarsson at the Seismic Institute in Uppsala. He was raised by a journalist five minutes after skalvet which had its epicenter near the Tomelilla according to preliminary data. According Reynir Bödvarsson, it is a quake with a magnitude of 4.7. -

It felt across Skåne, large parts of southern Sweden, to Stockholm, Denmark and certainly northern Germany. Usually occurring earthquakes around the continental plate boundaries and hollows, but there are also earthquakes inside the plates.

The quake, we know a little bit less about, but we research into this and all information we can get is very valuable, "said Reynir Bödvarsson. He argues that it is reasonable to expect after the quake - even if they do not learn to become as powerful as the morning.

- Most of them will probably not feel at all. But it is not unlikely that anything will be rejected. To find an earthquake is on par with the morning, we must go back to 1904 when an earthquake shook the Koster Islands off Strömstad.

The closest we come in recent years is Potchefstroom Skalvet 1986, but it was less than this, strikes Bödvarsson fixed. According to him, the public need not feel any concern for the injured in a quake, the probability is very small, he said.

and...Funny Things My Daughter Says...

This morning she is saying "Shut your eyes, and close your pants, and you will have a big surprise!!! Open your pants!"


lornadoone1972 said...

Wow - that is the same richter as the earthquake I was in when in Turkey 4.7 and I was 4 miles from the epicentre... Crazy and they are scary - the noise more than anything I think... take care and thinking of you all over there in lovely Europe! x

Heidi said...

The only earthquake I can remember in NY was a 3-something. It was a couple of weeks after 9/11 and it felt like, well, a building collapsed. At the time we were assuming the next thing was going to be a plague of locusts or the East River turning to blood. Sigh.

Love your blog! I bet Iris is absolutely LOVING the winter weather.