Thursday, December 4, 2008

Doot, doot, doot, looking out my front door...

Once again there is snow, and I was happy to wistfully watch the rain turn to snow out the window of my office. And it was cold enough to stick around, so I got this quick picture of the white wonder outside my front door.

So this gives us another chance at sno cones. I think this one was nearly perfect- served piled high in a tea cup so it can be mounded up properly, with a saucer to catch the drips. The juice can run and pool and the bottom of the cup for a slushy-sweet ending. And really, the Swedish blueberry concentrate makes the best flavoring. Yummy. Eat at a child sized table in a princess dress to enhance the experience, if you are three.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it is QueenD from MIS. I love the photos on your blog - and I always like reading your posts on MIS as well. What a great idea about snow cones. When it snows around here we will have to try it. Here is a link to my blog.