Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snow, and REAL Snow Cones!

So with all the nice fluffy snow, we decided to try out making real snow cones. It was great success, using one of the best things about Sweden- the yummy blueberry juice concentrate that is so readily available here.


Rebecca said...

AWESOME, Swedemom! I am LOVING seeing I and cuz. doing the sled thang! It looks not TOO cold, tho M gave I his gloves, looks like (or her hands are freaking huge!), so not SO warm, either. AWESOME footage of the event, the woods, the weather, the snowsuit! LOL! Keep it up, mama! xoxo **hugs**

Rebecca said...

LOL - listed as Rebecca but it's Andy Lee lol! Sorry. She signs in on her gmail account and I forget to sign her out.