Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fall Colors I have never seen fall leaves change colors before. I grew up in the tropics, so this autumn was the first I was able to see time actually pass, and the wheel of the year turn to fall. Our camera was out of commision for a while after we arrived and there were many lovely summer sights I planned to photograh. And then it changed. Before I was able to capture summer, it was suddenly fall. And things looked totally different. I am used to things looking more or less the same all year, and the seasons meaning things like hurricane season, orange season, mosquito season, and such....Fall even got away from it me. The leaf season was only about three weeks long,. Somehow, I think I expected it would be as long as summer! still, I got a few shots of our home when the leaves were still turning...(never mind the photo dates, the camera got reset and it took us awhile to notice)

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