Tuesday, September 30, 2008

When you come as a visitor, it might as well be a party!
So now the Swedegirl knows the real benefit of living overseas...we may have been just five minutes from my parents "Nanny & Pa" when we lived in Florida, but now, when we come it's SPECIAL.
The girl had been hoping to stock up on some princess-y make- up, and boy did her Nanny help her out with that! She got all kinds of goodies, including princessy clothes, and some new glitter cream per her request! Now she knows who Hannah Montana is, though, thanks to the glitter marketing.

Glitter cream here, please!!!!

When you are only a visitor, it is FAR easier to command every adult's attention in the room and get them to stop what they were doing to attend your pretend tea party.

Even if the cake you serve is only floral foam

And because it's a special visit, they might even light real candles if you ask nice.

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