Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Local Organic Farm in Veberöd
This weekend was a regional fair of all the local organic farms. Our farm distributed maps that identified all the other regional farms and what each farm produces. We found sources for various veggies, milk, beef, and chicken. We are not going to trapse all over Skåne to do our weekly shopping, but for now are making an effort to buy most of our staples from our closest farm- Mossagården- each week.
The activity Mossagården had for the expo day was free carrot picking. We ate lots of carrots that week, as they were so fun for the SwedeGirl to pick, she did not want to stop.

The other nearby local farm had a bustling cafe serving cakes and drinks, and all the animals were out and ready to meet the steady stream of visitors that aarrived through the day. We need to go back and visit this one when it is not so busy. The store selection seemed more limited, mostly dry goods, and I did not get a good grip on what fresh veggies they produce or sell. But we had fun feeding pigs.

If you want to come see us for a visit, you can make a farm tour part of your swedish expereince. There are work-stay agreement at some of the farms. It is called "WWOFing" an acronymn for World Wide Oppurtunities on Organic Farms.

Other organic foods are pretty available in swedish stores. Swedish organics are called "Krav". ICA stores have the "I*heart* Eco store brand. Don't be confused by the 'Go Green' brand, which is only organic if it is marked with the "Krav" label.

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