Monday, September 29, 2008

Dozens of Cousins and a Niece that can Crawl...
So we were so lucky to have an excuse to return to Florida. We got to see my mom's whole extended family at the wedding, and got to see my niece in that sweet and short lived 'can crawl but not yet walk' baby stage. She's cute!! And here she is showing off her new toofers.
Here she is with my cousin from Chicago, who just graduated from dental school (she IS showing off her nice teeth, here as well, huh?). Yay for graduating and working now as a dentist!!!
Once again, our family's newest babe, with my teenage cousin.
Here she goes, in action!
My Swedegirl's girl age mate boy cousin now lives a few houses away from us in Sweden. Her girl age mate cousin lived close to us in Florida. We were glad to see them at the wedding, as they are now moving to Alaska, in an attempt to one up us on the dark, cold, and far away moves. Hey, at least they speak English there.

With her lovely mommy

Next up to be married, the brother of the groom. They are getting married in Mexico a few weeks after our baby is due, so I am not so sure we will make it.... :) So were happy to give out love to them now!

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