Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving in Day...Hoo-ray!!!!
Vacation in Gotland was just a few days after we arrived in Sweden. Before Gotland we stayed at our sister in law's house. I borrowed a few books for our trip, including "The Road" by Courmac McCarthy. It is about a man traveling in a post apocolyptic world with only his young son. Well, after sending our furniture off to Sweden weeks before moving out of our old home, then staying with relatives before and after our transition, then staying in a cabin on Gotland...let's just say "The Road" was way too much like my life to strike a note with me as anything profound. Perhaps it was aggravated by the fact that all this change was happening in my first trimester of pregnancy when the only feeling that is stronger than fatigue is hunger. But I too, felt I had been on the run, scavenging for food (where is the lunch meat without nitrates in this land and why are there so many meatballs?), and sleeping where ever I had a chance to lay my head. It had been just over two months of living on borrowed beds when our furniture arrived and we were finally able to move into our new house!!!
After the move in was complete we went to the local store to stock up on some food. There was a light rain, and a rainbow came out as though Mother Nature herself wished to tell us
~~~~~~~~~~~~WELCOME HOME! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is no place like (our new) Home.

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